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Shifnal and District Live at Home Scheme

The Office of the Live at Home Scheme now at Trinity methodist Church
Tel:01952-462860   Co-ordinator - Gina

Now that the refurbishing scheme is completed at Trinity Methodist Church. The Live at Home Scheme has moved back to an office there as their headquarters. The Live at Home Scheme began there at its inception in 1995.
This move means that more activities are now possibl for the benifit of members of the scheme

More details later

The Live at Home Scheme works under the Charity of the 'Methodist Homes for the Aged'.
The Shifnal scheme was agreed at a special community meeting held in January 1995, and was officially launched on 17th September 1995. There are many such schemes operating throughout the country. The aim of the scheme is to keep as many elderly people in their own homes as long as it is humanly possible.

The Shifnal scheme is organised through an appointed co-ordinator who works part time. There is a local committee which oversees the work of the scheme, and the whole scheme relies on willing volunteers who visit the elderly in their own homes.
The volunteers are interviewed and if deemed satisfactory for the task they are introduced to the person or persons to whom they will give the kind of help that is needed.
Safeguards are in operation because elderly people can be very vulnerable. The volunteers by agreement with the member whom they are serving decide on the kind of tasks they are willing to undertake.
The scheme is always in need of volunteers and is also very dependent on money raising events for the scheme to do its work. The Churches and the whole community is involved in this important pastoral work.
The Methodist Homes for the Aged gives some financial support and through oversight by one of its staff.
A friendship group meets every Tuesday afternoon in the Senior Citizens Club in Curriers Lane. This venture has proved popular. The afternoon activities are varied, with games, slide shows or a speaker.
Many of the elderly people in our communities (it includes Albrighton and the surrounding villages) continue to value the work which is being done.



HOW LONG CAN I LIVE AT HOME? - Worth giving  this some thought. 

The Treasurer writes-:

I don’t give much thought to the time when simply living in my own home might be lonely, difficult or near impossible. Perhaps the freedom of being able to drive will be mine no longer; the bus stop might seem that bit too far to walk; the District Centre might just as well be miles away and perhaps I will sometimes put off that important visit to the doctor a little bit longer until the weather picks up, goodness me, what will a taxi cost? Of course I have friends but they will be getting older with me; will they be mobile enough to pop round or will we all be sitting behind our own front doors, unable to meet regularly for a chat as we once did.

I have a lovely family - grown up children who would do anything they could for me; but where will they be living and working then; maybe in another part of the country, unable to pop round to share a cup often or a visit to the shops as they do now. Even if they stay living locally, the demands of a full time job and family may mean their time is stretched to the limit — time off from work to take Mum or Dad to the shops or the doctor is not yet enshrined in our new European Employment Directives!

Here in Shifnal, Albrighton, and surrounding villages we have a wonderful resource called the Live at Home Scheme; we all know it exists and one day might be very relieved that it is there for me:

To get me to the doctor or hospital

To drop in for a cup of tea

To organise social events (and transport to get me there)

To help me be safe in my own home

To be a listening ear if have a problem (and know where to get help)

The Scheme supports over 80 members with an average age of 82 and is entirely reliant on volunteers, donations and fund raising; it is an ongoing task to recruit contributions of all three. I am the Treasurer and support Gina, the Co-ordinator of the Scheme, in looking after the funding side.

Could you donate a small amount of your time to be a Volunteer?

Does this speak to you? Have you a spare hour or two to be a Live at Home volunteer? Do you like chatting to people over a cuppa? Could you help out with shopping? Have you admin skills that can help out in the office? If you have a car, could you help with hospital visits (for which expenses are re-imbursed)?

Pop in to the Office at Idsall Court (next door to the Library) or Telephone Gina on Telford 01952-462860 — if the sound of your voice is most welcome to us — just think how much more welcome it will be to our members.

Marcel Kite




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