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TRINITY METHODIST CHURCH.  Victoria Road, Shifnal, Shropshire.
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The Rev Mark Sherman
2 Church Meadow
TF11 9AD
Tel: Home 01952-463566
Tel: Office 01952-505108

Rev Mark Sherman


Trinity Methodist Church



John Wesley, the founder of Methodism, never mentions Shifnal by name in his famous 'journal', but he must have passed near or through Shifnal many times. One of the few of his fellow clergymen who welcomed Wesley into his parish to preach was John Fletcher of Madeley. His first visit there was in 1764. He entered in his journal on Saturday 21st July 'I rode to Bilbrook near Wolverhampton...thence we went on to Madeley, an exceedingly pleasant village, encompassed with trees and hills. Many times after this he visited his friend John Fletcher. The last time Wesley was in the neighbourhood was in March 1790 and he died later in the year.
When a society of Methodists began to meet in Shifnal is unknown, but there must have been a society within a short time of Wesley's death. They must have been fairly well established when they decided to build a Chapel, and the first deed drawn up to settle Methodist property in Shifnal is dated 24th June 1815.
On April 23rd 1816, one of the Trustees - Thomas Coggan registered the premises "as a place of Religious Worship (used) by an assembly of congregation of Protestants". A certificate of registration still existing, was issued on behalf of The Rt Reverend the Lord Bishop of Lichfield, by his deputy registrar William Mott.  
So began the organised life of the Methodist Church in Shifnal. The register of Baptisms was begun in 1838.
The original property had all been replaced by 1836.

Trinity Methodist Church - The present building
Methodism grew and prospered. By the year 1879 application was made for permission to sell the old premises and build new ones on a site already purchased, on which stood a cottage to be altered and extended 'to  be used for a Minister's house'.
The memorial stones of the new building were laid on 21st October 1879 and Trinity Methodist Church was duly opened on 29th September 1880. The year 1912 saw the installation of the pipe organ an exceedingly fine instrument.
In 1952 it was agreed to carry out extensive work on the building.
In 1999 a complete refurbishment of the Church has taken place (removal of pews) and interior decoration.. The refurbishing scheme still continues. The vision is to have modern and suitable premises for the needs of the Church and the community.


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